The Faces of The First Tee February 2019 Angelo Fassbender

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February 2019 Face of The First Tee Angelo Fassbender

We’re sold – Hook, Line, and Sinker

“Mom do you ever dream about fishing?” While Angelo Fassbender’s mother may not have been able to answer her son’s sincere question in the positive, her son emphatically can. Angelo Fassbender is a 12 year old fish enthusiast – and not just the sport, but the food. An Asian cuisine gourmand, the 6th grade amateur angler is a sushi aficionado who also dreams of visiting Japan. Like every other person who would rather be fishing, Angelo regularly watches the daily weather and fishing report. Freezing offshore temps will not deter his ardor. He enjoys watching fishing videos for tips and tricks (somewhere above, Frank Davis smiles). “He would give up anything to go fishing. He goes to bed and wakes up talking about his next fishing adventure,” says mom Raquel. In August, he caught his first Crevalle jack fish off the sea wall in Lake Pontchartrain. Most of the time, Angelo fishes inland with his father. If he can’t go out in the boat, any pier will do.

When is’t not fish, it’s football, school, and golf! Angelo played quarterback for his 5th and 6th grade school team, and recently wrapped up his first year of flag football, where he developed a unique play. “Angelo is very active and loves to compete both athletically and academically. Maintaining a high GPA is very important to Angelo, so we don’t have to push him,” says Raquel. It makes sense that Angelo’s competitive determination caries over to his golf game. Director of Education Perry Faulkner states, “Angelo Fassbender is all business on the golf course. Working with Coach Oscar Pickett at a young age allowed Angelo to develop into a fierce competitor.”

But don’t confuse Angelo’s competitive nature with his character. Raquel attributes Angelo’s compassion towards others and self-discipline to his Christian upbringing, reinforced by the Nine Core Values taught by The First Tee. A Birdie Level player, Angelo has been with The First Tee of Greater New Orleans for 5 years. “Having been taught these values so young has helped Angelo become aware and observant of his character,” says mom. “He is a leader, and we consistently talk about how to handle challenges.”

Angelo is willing to share this insider tip – those that sit at the sushi bar get the best service…

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